2019-2021 INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN - Caring for Women and Girls

Monday, July 1, 2019

The District Board supports the umbrellla organization of women's shelters in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, in keeping with the International Inner Wheel motto "Caring for Women and Girls",

Domestic violence remains a major topic of concern and affects women and children in particular.

Our district advocates this organization's cause by assisting with the revision and development  of the organisation website and by supporting their various activities.

Inner Wheel District 199 counts on your support.

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2019-2021 INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN - Caring for Women and Girls - DAO/The umbrella-organization of Women's Shelters in CH and FL

Barbara Blanc, Imm. Past Governor, presents the cheque to Susan Peter

Our organisation becomes more visible with this article on the homepage of the DAO website.

DAO's thanks go to all the generous donors, including our District 199 IW-FL and its clubs, who donated CHF 26,000:


During this very special year, we have received many large and small donations from private persons and organisations. The cheque presented by Swiss Post (photo below) symbolises our thanks to all donors. We would also like to thank Swiss Solidarity, various cantonal Inner Wheel Clubs, the Inner Wheel Club Switzerland and Liechtenstein, The Body Shop Switzerland, Ernst & Young, Baillie Gifford, the OAK Foundation, Orthosan, various parishes, other organisations and all private persons. We are happy and grateful for every single donation and will use these funds wisely for the protection and prevention of violence against women and children.


The DAO looks - informs proactively - develops support services.

The DAO is the professional association of women's shelters in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and provides 35 years of expertise in the field of violence against women and their children, so-called "domestic violence".

The umbrella organisation of women's shelters in Switzerland (DAO) was founded in 1987 as a place of exchange and mutual support and is legally organised as an association. The DAO contributes to raising awareness of the issue of violence in partnerships and families, or "domestic violence" among the general public, politicians and professionals, and communicates the interests of women's shelters to the outside world. The delegates of the women's shelters meet at least twice a year for national coordination meetings. These serve internal further training, the exchange of experiences and nationwide actions and campaigns.

The common features are:

- They point out the social causes of violence against women.

- They work to improve the situation of women and children affected by violence.

- They provide targeted help (counselling, protection and shelter) for women and their children who are affected by psychological and/or sexual violence, regardless of nationality, religion, residence status and age.

- They work in a partisan manner with a feminist attitude.