vendredi 4 janvier 2019

Inner Wheel fête son 95e anniversaire le 10 janvier 2019.

Le comité de District souhaite à toutes les Inner Wheeliennes un joyeux anniversaire, célébrons-le ensemble!


Quand fut créée la Journée Inner Wheel? La Présidente Helena Forster (1969-1970) a eu l'idée d'une journée spéciale pour une organisation spéciale et a écrit à tous les clubs du monde.

I would like to ask all members of clubs thoughout the world to link together in ACTION ON JANUARY 10th. I have chosen this special day because it was on january 10th 1924 that the Mother Club, the Manchester Inner Wheel club, England, first adopted the name INNER WHEEL. It can be interpreted in any way you think fit-in group or as individuals-giving personal service to someone who needs you planting a tree or flowers to beautify some corner of your land, or just the simple act of writing a letter. I am sure that there is inspiration and encouragement to be gained by the knowledge that your fellow members throughout the world are at that moment joined together to extend service and friendship.

La première célébration de la Journée Inner Wheel connut un grand succès.

We were filled with pride and hapiness as the letters poured in, describing so vividly the infinite ways in which members had brought joy and confort to so many.

Message de Chris Kirby, Présidente IIW 2018/2019  https://www.internationalinnerwheel.org/news-and-features/presidential-newsletters/2019/01/09/inner-wheel-day-message-from-christine/

Inner Wheel Song "Standing together"

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