Croisière méditerranéenne Inner Wheel - Kreuzfahrt

Sonntag, 23. April 2017 - Sonntag, 30. April 2017, -

European Inner Wheel Cruise

How came the idea for an European IW-Cruise?

My name is Gabriele Schrümpf, I have been Club-President in my first club IWC Graz, I founded the second club in my town and have been the founding President of IWC Graz-Uhrturm, I worked hard for the formation of a District in Austria and I have been District-Chairman 2014/15. In my year the first club of the Czech Republic attended our District. I am the first National Representative of Austria (2016/17).

Since 2009 I attended all European Meetings and in that time I learned a lot about Inner Wheel and what a wonderful Association we are. We all can be proud to be IW-members. But the development of International IW goes very fast, especially in countries in Asia, so it is necessary to work for our future.

For me, the basic IW-members are the most important part of our Association, but usually they are not so interested in IIW or they have too less information about it.

So my idea was to organize a cruise - in the 2 years in between the World Conventions - to unite European IW-members. Why?

  • Ship is a first class swimming Hotel and offers support in many European languages
  • Every day another destination for an interesting cultural program
  • Meeting with local IW-Club-members in some destinations
  • Breakfast and Dinner together with other IW-members
  • Good opportunity for ladies, which are travelling alone - they have IW-society
  • To make new friends and meet old friends - to promote IW-friendship
  • For all IW-levels - for all IW-members and their families
  • One IW-Meeting during the day on board at sea to exchange experiences
  • Low costs for a wonderful week
  • For motivation for IW in Europe

So I want to invite you to make your own experience with wonderful IW-Members at our 2. European IW-Cruise from 23. to 30. April 2017 in the Eastern Adriatic Sea, starting in Venice/Italy, which is one of the most beautiful things, you can do in your life.

Schiff ahoi! Inner Wheel auf grosser Fahrt!

Ohé, du bateau! Inner Wheel en mer.

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