Inner Wheel Switzerland - Liechtenstein

Isabel Caduff (IW Club Rätia) is District 199 Governor for 2022/2023.


ZWith my motto "Together in the same direction" I would like to invite the members of our district to join me in the new year.

For this reason, I ask each member:

What does Inner Wheel mean to you? What would you like to see happen?

When I was asked to join the Inner Wheel Club, I had little idea what it was all about, but I liked the way the women interacted. Women of all ages and backgrounds together in friendship and determination. I felt a cohesion that convinced me to stay.

I found the "creating something together to do something good for others" very inspiring.

That's what Inner Wheel is to me. And my wish would be that we work more together and appreciate each in her own way.

We are a big community of strong women, with different talents and skills, but all with the same goals:

  • Friendship,
  • service to others and
  • international understanding.

My goal is that we develop a culture of trust and mutual appreciation. It would be great if each and every Inner Wheeler felt invited, encouraged and inspired to play an active part in keeping the wheel of Inner Wheel turning in the same direction. Talking and discussing with each other, not about each other. Find solutions together!

Together and with pride, let us use our diverse skills even more intensively to bring Inner Wheel's potential to the fore. Let us walk a common path and exemplify the values of Inner Wheel.

Doing things together strengthens friendship.

I look forward to walking this road with all of you and moving together in the same direction!

In friendship

Isabel Caduff


Isabel Caduff would like to support the institution Haus Maria Teresia in Brazil during her year in office. The project, run by the Dominican Sisters of Ilanz, supports women, children and young people in education and training, thus ensuring that poverty, social hardship and exploitation are alleviated and prevented.

She expresses her thanks in advance for each donation.

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«Strong Women, Stronger World»

This is the motto under which District 199 supports the «Migraweb» project, an internet platform reopened by a non-profit organisation, where (not only) migrants can find information on life and living together in Switzerland. The project is under construction and relies on diverse support.

Further information on this project can be found here.

Find more information about Inner Wheel here. (Document in German or French)

History of the International Inner Wheel

From the foundation of the very first club in England to a worldwide organisation: You'll find more information in the following documents.