Inner Wheel Switzerland - Liechtenstein

Isabel Caduff, a member of the IW Club Rätia, is District 199 Governor for the official year 2022/2023.

I am happy to take and shape the next step in the history of Inner Wheel Switzerland-Liechtenstein together with all Inner Wheel members in the District.

If a common journey is to be taken and shaped, it is important that there is clarity about the goal of the journey. The goal of this journey is the values of Inner Wheel:

  • Friendship,
  • Service to others and
  • international understanding.

In order to succeed in achieving these goals, I want to work with all the clubs, all the members

Together in the same direction direction.

With my motto, I want all Inner Wheel members to build a sense of community as part of an organisation of strong women in solidarity, where they are not there as an individual, but each makes her own contribution with her different talents and skills in order to helping the wheel of Inner Wheel to continue turning in the right direction.

I am involved in various institutions where I have been doing social work for years, be it as a cook for schoolchildren and senior citizens or in a food-saving organisation. Here I experience a community that makes a good difference through its activities and the acceptance of each personality. 

Your Governor 2022/2023

Isabel Caduff


Isabel Caduff would like to support the institution Haus Maria Teresia in Brazil during her year in office. The project, run by the Dominican Sisters of Ilanz, supports women, children and young people in education and training, thus ensuring that poverty, social hardship and exploitation are alleviated and prevented.

She expresses her thanks in advance for each donation.

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«Strong Women, Stronger World»

Under this motto, District 199 supports the project «Centro de promoção Irmã Maria Theresia» in Teresina, Northern Brazil. Here, women not only find support and help, but they can also receive training and further education.

Further information on this project can be found here.

Find more information about Inner Wheel here. (Document in German or French)

History of the International Inner Wheel

From the foundation of the very first club in England to a worldwide organisation: You'll find more information in the following documents.