Inner Wheel Switzerland - Liechtenstein

Franziska Zaugg, a member of the IW Club Langenthal, is District 199 Governor for the official year 202/2024.

It is my great pleasure and honour to be the District 199 Governor for International Inner Wheel's Centennial Year and to work with all members to shape the year ahead. International Inner Wheel President Trish Douglas' theme for the year is "Shine a Light" - a very appropriate slogan for this special year.


for the year of office 2023/2024 is "Together Towards the Future". As Inner Wheel members, we are all part of a community committed to friendship, service and international understanding. Working together enables us to share our resources, combine our skills and expand our ideas. Together we move forward.



ZChildren and young people are close to Franziska Zaugg's heart and she is committed to the social sector.

The emergency shelter "pluto" offers free shelter, protection and safety to adolescents and young adults aged 14 to 23 in emergency situations.

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“Strong Women, Stronger World“

Under this motto, District 199 supports the project "Centro de promoção Irmã Maria Theresia" in Teresina, Northern Brazil. Here, women not only find support and help, but they can also receive training and further education.

Further information on this project can be found here.

Find more information about Inner Wheel here. (Document in German or French)

History of the International Inner Wheel

From the foundation of the very first club in England to a worldwide organisation: You'll find more information in the following documents.