2020/2021: Chance for Children - Empowering Street Connected Children in Ghana

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hanna Lienhard's SOCIAL PROJECT

Chance for Children - Empowering Street Connected Children in Ghana

In 1999, Daniela Rüdisüli and Amon Kotey founded Chance for Children (CFC). CFC an accredited non-governmental organization (NGO) with over 60 Ghanaian and two Europeans employees.

Over 90,000 street children live in  and around Accra, half of them are girls. They leave their families in search of money and work. Boys work as goods carriers, waste collectors, shoeshiners and car cleaners. Girls often sell water, food and sometimes get drawn into child-prostitution. CFC empowers street children in Ghana to take charge of their lives and improve their lot. The main concern is to provide them with educational and professional training. Equally important is to give street children the care, security and protection needed on their path to self-assurance and a more promising life.

First contact with street children usually takes place on the street where social workers discuss their situation directly. Or the children come to the day centre, where they can recover from the hardships of everyday life and where they are also taught. Some live in supervised houses; others receive CFC supports while within their families. Still others are seconded by CFC until they have completed their training, on their way to independant living. 

In January 2020, CFC opened two more centres in the middle and north of Ghana.

Hanna Lienhard would be delighted if you enable young people in Ghana to live in dignity. Thank you for your generous donation.

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